GENTEC is a Biotech R&D company with the aim to develop biotechnological tools with important applications in animal breeding. The platform used is a gene pool based on different closed pig lines. A back up of the animals is stored in a DNA-bank. Different renowned Universities and research centres collaborate with GENTEC's research programme.

The company is well placed in the European Biotechnology sector, enabling rapid progress in the field of molecular genetics. This is evidenced by the company's early success in the co-discovery of the IGFII marker (BETTERgen® muscle+) in cooperation with leading universities.

The main research domains are Molecular genetics and embryo transfer technology:

Molecular Genetics: The BETTERgen® program

The determination of genetic differences between animals is very important to breeders. Originally breeders only worked with differences that could be seen with the naked eye such as type. However such phenotypic variation is frequently influenced by the action of the environment and the interaction between many genes.

Today a great deal is known in detail about the pig genome. This opens the possibility for much more accurate selection to take place with major benefits in many areas including pig meat quality and in the welfare of pigs.

GENTEC has a mission to look for "new" genes by DNA screening and to apply the results of such work by determining the presence or absence of desired genes in different breeding programmes world wide. These genes are sought for in all domains that are relevant for an efficient animal production: disease resistance, reproductive capacity and production and quality of meat. Since the platform of Gentec is based on the pig gene pool, it is evident that genetic markers will find their first application in pigs.

GENTEC owns the world wide exclusive rights for the application of BETTERgen® muscle+, and the related IGF2 technology. (read more here)

Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer aids selection through earlier genetic screening bringing the benefits of a more accurate (deterministic) selection and faster genetic progress. It also offers major health benefits due to the reduced risk of spreading diseases. Embryo transfer research aims to allow the transfer of embryos of the highest quality from donor to receptor sow under optimal and safe conditions.


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