New gene marker for daily gain

GENTEC NV and the research group of Prof. Michel Georges, University of Liege, announce the discovery of a new gene marker for daily gain. The impact of this marker is considered as major, which means it will join 3 other major genes that are currently used in the pig husbandry (Halothane, RN and BETTERgen© Muscle +).

The marker explains 30 g/day of the variation in daily gain on slaughter pigs, calculated from birth till slaughter. It has no negative influence on Back Fat Thickness, Lean Meat Percentage or Meat Quality Characteristics. This means that the new marker is a new breakthrough as it will not only improve turnover in finishing units but also will have a significant influence on Feed Conversion. Both characteristics have a major impact on economics in pig production.

The new marker will be used as additional tool in selection on superior breeding animals. Because of the importance of the effect of this marker GENTEC is willing to apply the technology in pig breeding worldwide.

The financial contribution of the Belgian Ministery of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Agriculture as well as the assistance of Prof. Stefaan Desmet, University Ghent, Rattlerow Seghers and Farm Deprez and coworkers, Wijtschate are greatly appreciated.
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